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Our Expertise Within the Steel, Mining, and Oil & Gas Industries

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Metal 3D printing presents many opportunities across multiple industries, improving productivity, increasing operational efficiency and extending equipment lifetime. But how do you get started?

At TheSteelPrinters, we provide an end-to-end metal 3D printing service that delivers results. To find out more about our industry expertise, keep reading.



Why Choose Metal 3D Printing?

The opportunities metal 3D printing presents are extensive. While the technology doesn’t aim to fully replace traditional manufacturing methods, it holds many advantages that can result in operational improvements for your business. These include reduced lead times, lower inventory requirements and better part performance.

Here’s a quick snapshot of some of the benefits metal 3D printing offers:

  • Minimise downtime risk: Critical spare parts can be fabricated in fewer manufacturing process steps and without the need for special tooling, allowing for faster turnaround and reduced downtime risk.
  • Improve part performance: Metal 3D printing can produce parts with highly optimised designs, resulting in improved functional performance and extended equipment lifetime.
  • Replace obsolete parts: 3D printing is a cost-effective solution to keep older equipment running longer. Legacy parts can be scanned and reproduced by a 3D printer without the need for molds or tooling.
  • Easy access to spare parts: Remote operating locations are often a factor to consider for many industries. Metal 3D printers can be deployed close to operating sites, reducing lead-times, transportation costs and the amount of spare part inventory needed on site.


Our Services

At TheSteelPrinters, we offer an end-to-end metal 3D printing service, covering all your spare part production needs. We’ll transform your spare part supply chain, increase productivity and enhance maintenance operations, with the aim of helping you to achieve your financial objectives.

Download our guide to discover more about the benefits of metal 3D printing and how to build a compelling business case for adopting the technology.

metal 3d printing business case


3D Part Identification and Design Optimisation

We’ll start by identifying the parts best suited for metal 3D printing that generate the most added value to your business. Not every part should be 3D printed, so we’ll analyse your data and get to know your operations to find the best opportunities.

We’ll then optimise the design of the part to enhance its functional performance and improve its manufacturability. Starting from understanding your application to eventually developing a topology optimised design, we’ll deliver a design tailored to your operational needs that takes advantage of the benefits 3D printing has to offer. 

Here are some examples of how industries are redesigning parts and leveraging metal 3D printing.


The Steel Industry

  • Adoption of internal cooling channels for parts operating in high-temperature environments. For example, the blast furnace and steel workshop.
  • Creation of custom casings and lightweight mounting fixtures for sensor equipment on the production line.
  • Rapid replacement of pump system components for coke plants, galvanising and pickling lines.

For more examples, explore our article dedicated to metal additive manufacturing in the steel industry.


The Upstream Oil and Gas Sector

  • Bottom hole assembly components designed and produced with optimised flow profiles to minimise the risk of erosion.
  • Sand control device components with designs customised to specific reservoir conditions.
  • Production of artificial lift system components with improved erosion and corrosion resistance.

Read our blog to learn more about how additive manufacturing can be used in the upstream oil and gas sector.


The Mining Industry

  • Drilling rig hammer assemblies produced as a single component to eliminate the use of weld joints.
  • Grinding mill liners produced with less weight and fewer assembly components.
  • Slurry pump components fabricated with optimised flow profiles to reduce wear and extend operating life  

Looking for more examples of how metal additive manufacturing can be used in the mining industry? Find out more in this blog.


3D Printing Manufacturing

Once your design is finalised, it’s time to print the part using our industrial LPBF printers, capable of producing parts with high resolution and mechanical properties. After printing, we’ll conduct all post-processing and quality check activities to ensure parts are delivered with the highest quality finish. 

Do you have a specific part you are looking to print? Or do you need help finding 3D printing use-cases and design support? 

Find out more about our engineering and print-on-demand services.


Engineering Services

We can work with you on individual projects or on a continuous basis. Our experts will support you across all stages of the 3D printing process — from part identification to final part production. 

We will work closely with your production and maintenance teams to develop a pipeline of 3D printing opportunities and lead all design optimization activities.

Want to see how we’ve collaborated with businesses such as ArcelorMittal? Take a look at our case studies.



Once you have a part that's ready for printing, send us your 3D model and tell us about your order requirements, such as quantity, material and surface finish. 

We’ll provide you with a price quotation and after approval, we’ll print your part.

If your part needs additional post-process machining or surface treatments, we’ll include it in the price and manage these steps before sending you the part.


Ready To Invest In Metal 3D Printing

Want to get started on your metal 3D printing projects? The first step may be to create a compelling business case — we can help with that.

Our comprehensive guide includes all the steps you need to take, including calculating added value savings and identifying effective use cases.

Download your copy today.

metal 3d printing business case

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