Post-Processing Operations

And 3D Print Quality Control


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The Final Stage of 3D Printing

Before printing; time and attention is given to identifying the right parts and optimising the design to maximise the added-value of 3D printing.

After printing, a post-processing step is needed to ensure the dimensions and attributes of the part are identical to the desired specifications.

Post-Processing 3D Printed Metal Parts

After the parts come out of the printer, our operators cut them from the build plate and carefully remove the support structures used for printing.

Depending on the part, there may be dimensions that require additional machining to achieve the desired tolerance, or surfaces that need specific treatments.

We have in-house machining capabilities and work with a network of machine shops to perform all post-processing operations. We only partner with machine shops located close to our printers, which minimises production lead-time and helps to empower local manufacturing.

Always Delivering the Highest Quality 3D Printed Parts

We produce parts with a reliable and repeatable level of quality. To ensure this, we track quality every step of the way - from the raw material to the final part.

You can be confident that when you receive a part from TheSteelPrinters it will perform as promised.

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