Transforming a digital model to a physical part



Localised Manufacturing

Located across Europe, our industrial metal 3D printers are running 24/7, meaning we can minimise your production lead-time and ensure a fast turnaround.

Whether you choose our end-to-end subscription or print-on-demand service, we guarantee reliable and repeatable quality from all our manufacturing sites.

Industrial 3D Printing Solution

We print metal parts using our Laser Powder-Bed Fusion (LPBF) printers, capable of producing end-use parts with high-resolution and uniform mechanical properties equivalent to conventionally casted parts.

Our printers allow for the production of complex large parts, with a maximum size of 400mm x 400mm x 356mm, at an industrial scale. Whether you’re looking for bespoke or regular production parts - we can deliver what you need.

We’re continuously expanding our printing capacity and capabilities, including new production sites and printing technologies. Get in touch to find out more about the future of 3D printing metal spare parts for your business.

Before and After Printing

To print a part you need a digital model of your part to load into the printer. TheSteelPrinters can help you to create a digital model and optimise your design to maximise the benefits of 3D printing.

In most cases, after a part is printed, additional machining is required to achieve the tightest tolerances. We manage this step for you, to ensure the part is delivered with the highest quality finish.

If you would like to print in a material not listed above, please reach out to us. We’re qualifying new materials and would like to learn more about your application needs for using 3D metal printing

In addition to metal printing, we can also print in various plastic materials for the production of rapid prototypes and end-use parts.

Start Printing Your Parts With Us

Subscription service

End-to-end service including dedicated equipment and personnel


Print on-demand

Send us your 3D model file and we can print it from one of our printers closest to you