Finding the parts that add value to your business



Reduce Your Spare Part Inventory and Improve Supply Chain Efficiency

We can help you identify the right parts and build a ready-to-print digital inventory. 

By analysing your data and getting to know your operations, we find the best 3D printing opportunities for creating added-value.

A Data-Driven 3D Part Identification Process

Our top-down approach uses customer ERP data to identify parts with the best economic case for being 3D printed parts - those with a long lead time, high consumption or high cost.

Once printed, we can even quantify the added value generated through 3D printing.                                                

Simple and Collaborative Working

Our bottom-up approach leverages the knowledge of your production workforce and our 3D printing expertise. We give your team the digital tools to identify parts and easily submit print requests for our team to review.

This leaves them time to focus on their main duties uninterrupted and lets our experts get to work on further developing the identified 3D printing opportunities.

Take the First Step in Finding Out Which of Your Parts Are Ideal for 3D Printing

Subscription service

End-to-end service including dedicated equipment and personnel


Print on-demand

Send us your 3D model file and we can print it from one of our printers closest to you