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Common Questions About Our 3D Print Service

Who should use metal 3D printing to produce spare parts?
Manufacturers who need quick replacement parts for their production line, and want to improve their maintenance operations and supply chain performance.

We can help you reduce your spare part inventory, minimise down-time risk and improve production line reliability.

3D printers are a vital part of Industry 4.0. Adopting this technology will bring you a step closer to creating an intelligent production line.
How well do metal 3D printed parts perform?
With our powder bed fusion technology, we can produce parts with mechanical properties as good as machined parts — sometimes even better!

Furthermore, with 3D printing, you can produce intricate geometries that wouldn’t be possible using traditional manufacturing techniques.

For the right parts, it’s also a faster and more cost-effective way to produce parts.
Does 3D printing replace all traditional manufacturing?
It’s NOT a replacement method for all parts.

Some parts are still more cost-efficient to produce using traditional methods. This is especially the case for very large parts, parts with simple geometries or parts produced in large quantities.

But there are plenty of parts that are perfect for 3D printing — and we can help you find them.

Ultimately, 3D printing complements traditional manufacturing, it's about understanding how to use the two together.

How do I know if 3D printing spare parts is right for my company?
If you frequently experience downtime due to waiting for replacement parts, spend high amounts on maintenance or have large spare parts inventory: you’re a good fit for 3D printing.

If you want to transition to Industry 4.0, but are wondering how to adopt 3D printing into your daily operations, it's worth getting in touch with us.

If you’re in any doubt whether you’re a fit for metal 3D printing, just get in touch.

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