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3 Options to Consider When Choosing Your Metal 3D Printing Service

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As the Industry 4.0 revolution takes hold and the opportunities presented by additive manufacturing become more apparent, the adoption of metal 3D printing continues to accelerate across multiple industries. However, if you have no experience with metal 3D printing, you might feel unsure about how best to leverage this technology within your organisation.

That’s where we come in. At TheSteelPrinters, we offer metal 3D printing services that work for you. To explore them in more detail, keep reading.


Metal 3D Printing In-House

The obvious option is purchasing and owning your own metal 3D printer. But this doesn’t come without its risks.

Although you’ll have complete control over the whole process, knowing how to optimise your designs and printing parameters takes time and using the printer requires special training. Identifying the parts that are suitable for 3D printing isn’t a simple task and will often require an external professional to help.

The cost of an industrial metal 3D printer can be a costly investment too, with all of the maintenance expenditure falling to you. 

If your company doesn’t plan to print parts regularly, this can be a lot to take on. By using a service like the ones we offer at TheSteelPrinters, you’ll still be able to experience all of the benefits of metal 3D printing without the steep investment cost.


Print On Demand

If you have a specific project in mind, a less frequent need for 3D printing or you’re just looking to try out the solution and explore its potential, then our 3D print on demand service is the one for you. 

You’ll discover how 3D printing works as a solution for your production needs and whether it can become a part of your future manufacturing process.

So what does the print on demand service entail? Simply send us the 3D model of your part, we'll send you a quote, then we’ll print, post-process and deliver the part to you.

All parts are produced using our industrial 3D printers and go through our rigorous quality control process. You’ll also have the full support of our engineering and design team throughout the process, meaning we can help you to improve the manufacturability of your parts.


Key Benefits Include:

  • Parts are produced using our industrial 3D printers. We’re experts in our field and use the best technologies available to ensure you always receive the best quality.
  • Post-processed and quality controlled to ensure your parts meet drawing specifications.
  • Support from our engineering and design team who’ll identify optimisation opportunities and offer design support.


Subscription Printing Service

Our flagship subscription service offered by TheSteelPrinters allows you to regularly produce 3D printed spare parts with the help of a dedicated printer, operator and value engineer at your site. You’ll no longer need to deal with long lead times or require excessive inventory levels of spare parts. You’ll be able to identify, create, optimise and produce parts on-site to meet your needs.

The subscription service is best suited to businesses looking to deploy 3D printing as part of their production or maintenance operations but don’t have the in-house expertise or know-how to support them.

TheSteelPrinters will help you to select the right printer and then manage its installation and operation. . You’ll pay a monthly subscription fee to cover your 3D printing production costs and we will manage the end-to-end process , helping you to improve your operations and supply chain performance.


Key Benefits Include:

  • A dedicated printer is installed at your facility, allowing you to produce metal 3D printed parts as and when you need them.
  • An on-site value engineer who’ll help you identify parts suitable for metal 3D printing, work with end-users to optimise part designs and ensure parts are delivered on-time.
  • An on-site operator who’ll operate the printer and perform maintenance activities.
  • Cost certainty and immediate benefits. Pay a monthly fee covering all costs associated with the end-to-end printing process, for an agreed upon production value.


Want to Explore the World of Metal 3D Printing In More Detail?

Then you need to download our guide. In Transforming Heavy Industry Through Metal 3D Printing, we explore all aspects of the metal 3D printing process, from the technologies to the lead times and service options.

Simply click the link below to receive your copy of the guide.

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